I, Heli Salf al Ayera, have received teachings from different teachers through my life.

I have knowledge about:
* Bioenergetics and energy work
* Holistic Psychotherapy
* Chinese Medicine
* Theta Healing
* Shamanic teachings
* Chrystal Therapy
* Mediumship and channeling information
* Wicca Witchcraft
* Extrasensory Perception

I take the best out of these practices to help each individual based on their needs.
For me a person is complete with their physical and etheric body. As a Shaman I always look into one’s soul. One of my teachers said: our physical body is like a horse; our soul is the horse rider; our spirit is the horse rider’s coat; and our ego is a monkey with a big mouth on the shoulder of the horse rider. It is easier to cure an ill horse rider rather
than the horse. Old Chinese wisemen have said that 95% of the diseases are due to negative emotions that have transferred from the horse rider to the horse.
Often I meet people whose horse rider doesn’t know how to ride the horse and the monkey will dance on it’s own.

How can I help?
I can help only help the ones who want to be healed. It is the basis for everything.

I have the abilities to:
* Make shamanic journeys, return pieces of one’s soul
* Use Chinese Medicine and acupuncture
* Channel as a light worker
* Heal with crystals
* Heal with the pyramid’s energy
* Biosensoric healing
* Energetic cleaning for homes

I can be found by those who:
* take responsibility for their own life
* want to heal
* love themselves
* are ready to share their issues