Everything begins from childhood, so does my story. I still remember the long conversations with my grandmother about life and death, witches and wise people. These conversations fed me energetically and only many years later I can feel their true power.

My name is Heli alias Ayera and I live in Põlvamaa, Estonia. I studied economics in the university as my parents had advised. But already then my soul was eager to know and learn more about human …?. I knew there was something more to being a human than just a physical body. That something people call a soul, a spirit - that unfathomable energy that’s leading us forward.

My parents gave me the name Heli, from my husband I got the last name Salf. A Peruvian shaman gave me the shamanic name Ayera.

I have become a light worker, a shaman, and a healer.

My journey to self discovery started with a book about spiritual journeys that I read in the 90s. From there new books, new discoveries, new people came to me naturally. I completed studies about conflictology from 2005 - 2007 and from there everything followed very fast. I attended many workshops and eventually all the pieces started to fall together. I became more and more aware of myself every day and through this my healing powers started to extend. As a child I helped my grandma to relief her back pain by giving her a massage. My husband’s back pain made me learn different styles of massage and Chinese Medicine.
I have also completed Biosensoric Healing course in the Bioenergetics Institute in Saint Petersburg. I also have Reiki Level III, I am a crystal therapist and a theta healer.

I love mountains. For over 10 years I knew I have to visit two places - Peru and Tibet. I made a self discovery journey to Tibet in 2010. As I was playing with a little girl on the street with rocks, it reminded me to have compassion towards myself and the world. Living in western civilisation has made us forgotten to have compassion towards others, animals, nature.

While travelling to Peru a local shaman bowed to me saying: “Welcome back home, White Shaman”.
Who is a shaman? It is someone who knows, feels, heals. It is as everybody sees and accepts it for themselves.

Every stage of my life has been necessary and meaningful, has taught me and carried me forward.
With gratitude to life.